The management of Personal Information

New Hiroden Hotel CO., Inc has established personal information policies based on relevant laws and we try to manage personal information in a lawful and appropriate manner.

1. Acquisition of personal information

We ask our customers for personal information in the following situations:

  1. 1) Reservation and Check-in, including restaurant reservations
  2. 2) Enquiries and reservations for wedding, banquet, and other services
  3. 3) Application of New Hiroden Hotel loyalty club membership
  4. 4) Login to the reservation system on the New Hiroden Hotel homepage
  5. 5) Answering surveys
  6. 6) Requests for various information
  7. 7) Other. (Customers will be informed of the purpose of information acquisition)

2. Use of personal information

  1. 1) Confirmation of reservations, answering enquiries, and in the case where we need to contact the customer.
  2. 2) Analysis of marketing activities and product development
  3. 3) Where the customer’s permission is obtained

3. Sharing information with third parties

We treat collected personal information cautiously and we share information with third parties in the following situations only:

  1. 1) System maintenance and management service providers;
  2. 2) where customer’s permission is obtained;
  3. 3) where we are required by law to do so;
  4. 4) where it is for the protection of the customer such as safety, health and assets etc. and is considered necessary;
  5. 5) where we are asked to do so by governmental authorities based on the law

4. Cessation to employ personal information

If you wish to terminate the use of personal information submitted to us, please contact us. Based on our policy, we will process your request once it has been authenticated.

5. Complying with the laws

We obey all laws and statutes that regulate personal information. In addition, we continuously review our personal information management system.

6. Modification of “The Management of Personal Information”

Should we modify our personal information management, an announcement will be made on homepage.

7. Enquiries

Should you have any queries on our personal information management, please contact us via:

14-9, Osuga-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-city, Hiroshima 732-0821 Hotel New Hiroden general affairs department General Administration Division Co., Ltd. Phone: +81-82-263-3456 FAX: +81-82-263-3784